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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wikipedia on Macedonians

These two Wikipedia links to Macedonian information are great. Wikipedia is a user generated encyclopedia in which individuals can submit their own articles. I'm not sure exactly how they manage "the Macedonian question", but the information seems to be reliable, with the exception that you can obviously tell the bias of the person submitting the article. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts. Wikipedia is important in relaying the fact.

An example is the listing of Macedonians in various census around the world. I did not know that Bulgaria (5071) even allowed Macedonians to be identified as such. Who new their were there were so many in Serbia (25,847) or that Australia (81,899) had more Macedonians that Canada (31,265) and the US (42, 812) combined. The Greek (962) census only recorded those migrants who hold Macedonian citizenship.

Wikipedia - Macedonians (ethnic group)

The Macedonians (Македонци, Makedonci) - also referred to as Macedonian Slavs [1] - are a South Slavic ethnic group who are primarily associated with the Republic of Macedonia. They speak the Macedonian language, a South Slavic language, and most of them are part of the Macedonian Orthodox Church. The overwhelming majority of ethnic Macedonians live in the Republic of Macedonia, although there are also minority communities in neighboring Serbia, Greece (in Greek or Aegean Macedonia where the overwhelming majority Greeks also refer to themselves as Macedonians), Albania and Bulgaria, as well as in other diaspora communities in a number of other countries

Slavic language (Greece)

Slavic (Greek: Σλάβικα Slávika, reported self-identifying names: makedonski, bugarski, balgarski [1]) is the term sometimes used to designate the dialects spoken by the Slavophone (i.e. Slavic-speaking) minority of the region of Macedonia in northern Greece; other names include Slav-Macedonian or Dopia. Linguistically, these dialects are classified as Bulgarian or Macedonian Slavic depending on the abstand (distance) of each dialect from the standard languages

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