The Macedonian Tendency: Sean Connery Plays the Reincarnation of Alexander the Great

Monday, September 04, 2006

Sean Connery Plays the Reincarnation of Alexander the Great

This is a good movie about the Kalash people in Pakistan who are said to be descendents of the army of Alexander the Great. Macedonians and Greeks are fighting an internet war ( No support for a Greek Origin of the Kalash) as to whether they are the descendents of Greeks or ethnic Macedonians ... good fun!

The Man Who Would Be King
Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Man Who Would Be King (1888) is a short story by Rudyard Kipling concerning two British ex-soldiers who set off from 19th century British India in search of adventure and end up as kings of Kafiristan (now part of Afghanistan). The story was inspired by the travels of American adventurer Josiah Harlan.

The story was first published in The Phantom Rickshaw and other Eerie Tales (Volume Five of the Indian Railway Library, published by Wheelers of Allahabad in 1888). It also appeared in Wee Willie Winkie and Other Stories in 1895, and in numerous later editions of that collection.

In 1975, it was adapted into a feature film by director John Huston, starring Sean Connery as Daniel Dravot, Michael Caine as Peachey Carnehan, and Christopher Plummer as Rudyard Kipling (giving a name to the story's anonymous narrator). The doomed Billy Fish is played by Saeed Jaffrey."

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