The Macedonian Tendency: Not Only Macedonians Hide Their Identiy

Monday, September 25, 2006

Not Only Macedonians Hide Their Identiy

This is an interesting article by Charles Krauthammer about Jews hiding their ethnic identity, even to their own families. This is happening in America with no offical policy of discrimination against Jews. As an ethnic Macedonian from Greece, I know that I have relatives in Greece who do not know that they have ethnic Macedonian roots. I am sure that they have gone to demonstations shouting "death to slavic-gypsy-pig-skopians". Greece does have a well defined strategy against its ethnic Macedonian minoirty. The aricle after this relates to an incident in Toronto

Everyone's Jewish

Strange doings in Virginia. George Allen, former governor, one-term senator, son of a famous football coach and in the midst of a heated battle for reelection, has just been outed as a Jew. An odd turn of events, given that his having Jewish origins has nothing to do with anything in the campaign and that Allen himself was oblivious to the fact until his 83-year-old mother revealed to him last month the secret she had kept concealed for 60 years.

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