The Macedonian Tendency: More Information Needed on Albanian Election

Friday, July 01, 2005

More Information Needed on Albanian Election

Many Macedonian news sources are content just to repeat what has been reported by foreign agencies without adding a Macedonian perspective. The Albanian elections are a case in point. Are observers from Macedonia going. Are ethnic Macedonians running for election? Are ethnic Macedonians free to express their concerns? If I were asked by an English language journalist about these issues, I would not know where to sent him to find the information.

Makfax novinska agencija: "Some 400 foreign observers dispatched in Albania

Tirana, 13:22

Some 400 foreign observers, mainly from the United States, have arrived in Tirana to monitor the parliamentary elections slated for July 3rd, Makfax news agency says.

'Parliamentary elections will be monitored by 400 foreign observers,' said Erton Sinani, spokesman of the State Election Commission.

Among the foreign observers, 73 are from the United States, 47 from Great Britain, 42 from Germany, 20 from France, and the rest are from other countries.
The US Ambassador to Albania, Marcie Ryes, said the importance of Sunday's elections is the main reason for the increased presence of US observers.

The Albania elections are very important in terms of demonstration of country's preparedness to meet the Euro-Atlantic integration standards, US Ambassador said.

Local analysts say the race will be centered on two main rivals - the ruling Socialist Party and the opposition Democratic Party."

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