The Macedonian Tendency: Greek Runs for Governor of California

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Greek Runs for Governor of California

If anyone knows a prominent Macedonian living in California, it would be a good idea to help them forward information on the Greek government's treatment of ethnic Macedonians living in Greece to the campaign of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his fight against his challenger Angelides.

This could help with their "opposition research and embarrass Angelides. Either he has to support the Greek position and lose credibility with the California voters, or support the rights of Macedonians in Greece and thereby undermines the Greek position. Let's not let him get away with "I support negotiations". It is about human rights for Macedonians in Greece an there is nothing to negotiate. Get Reality Macedonian to interview him. The Macedonian cause, allied with the dirty politcs of American electioneering ... a winning combination!

I assume Angelides has supported the Greek lobby's efforts in the past with regard to the name dispute with Macedonia. Lets find out.

This is an ideal time to use whatever small leverage we have to gain national media attention. Possible headlines include:

"Angelides supports cultural genocide of ethnic Macedonians in Greece."

"Angelides wants Macedonians to change the name of their Macedonian language, Macedonian Orthodox Church, Macedonian country!"

"No rights for Macedonians in Greece, no problem for Angelides".


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