The Macedonian Tendency: Yikes! Macedonia ...nuclear dump for "the west"

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Yikes! Macedonia ...nuclear dump for "the west"

I don't know much about this issue, but lets put a call in to PBS' Frontline!

Environment News Service (ENS)

Macedonia Constructs Nuclear Waste Dump in Secret

By Natasa Dokovska

SKOPJE, Macedonia, April 25, 2005 (ENS) - The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning is constructing a nuclear waste dump in the new community of Petrovec, near Skopje. Unannounced, the ministry is building the facility only three kilometers (two miles) from the Skopje airport, on the site of the Cojlija military airport.

The residents of this village and of 14 other local communities have made the existence of the dump public, and they say it is almost finished. These citizens and activists in environmental nongovernmental organizations say that the dump will be filled with radioactive waste imported from other countries.

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