The Macedonian Tendency: Welcome to "Republika Makedonija - Skopje"

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Welcome to "Republika Makedonija - Skopje"

If anyone needs to know, this is further proof that "the West" is the primary focus of de-stabilization in the Balkans see the below for a discussion of the compromise name of "Republika Makedonija - Skopje".

Matthew Nimitz's may or may not be a decent individual, but he is given a task of trying to reconcile human rights (Macedonia) with human wrongs (Greece). Can't be done Matt! Resign your position and go to Macedonian and beg for forgiveness! Rapid Reactions: Congratulations, Macedonia! As if You Weren't Enough of a Banana Republic Already...

Of all the idiotic suggestions that have ever been made regarding the Macedonian name issue, UN "mediator" Matthew Nimitz's brilliant idea - "Republika Makedonija - Skopje" - has got to be the most horrific. He has taken things to a new level, hyphenating the ICG's old insult with a solution used only in deepest Africa.

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