The Macedonian Tendency: - `I'm going because democracy is a gift'

Thursday, December 30, 2004 - `I'm going because democracy is a gift'

This article is about Canadian election monitors in the Ukraine. What caught my eye was Sheila Fruman, former Communications Director for Premier Mike Harcourt went to Macedonia to monitor free elections there. I will try to get Shelia to write about Canada's position on Macedonian- Greek issues. - `I'm going because democracy is a gift'

Sheila Fruman, a former New Democratic Party activist in British Columbia who worked in an election in the Balkans, said she had seen in Macedonia what a difference an international observation team could make.

"The election was deemed to be free and fair — and it made a tremendous difference afterwards," she said in an interview. "Regardless of who wins, it's important that the election outcome be seen as legitimate."

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