The Macedonian Tendency: IWRP - Macedonia: DPA Accused of Dirty Tricks

Thursday, December 30, 2004

IWRP - Macedonia: DPA Accused of Dirty Tricks

Interesting article since it has taken a pro-Macedonian stand. IWRP is a "semi-official" US government organization run by former US diplomats.

Bad news for the Albanians, they are being cut out of American support ... for now

Institute for War and Peace Reporting - Macedonia: DPA Accused of Dirty Tricks

An ethnic Albanian political party has been accused of cynically staging a two-month-long village siege, which raised fears of a renewal of inter-communal violence.

The Democratic Party of Albanians, DPA, is charged with engineering the crisis and then disingenuously playing a part in resolving it, in order to improve its domestic and international reputation.

Armed Albanians left the Macedonian village of Kondovo on December 17, after weeks of intense negotiation between the militants and members of Albanian political parties.

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