The Macedonian Tendency: This can't be true

Monday, November 22, 2004

This can't be true

Security Events Grow 150 Percent from Q3 2003; Ease of Execution, Hacker Sophistication and Financial Reward Catalyze New Hybrid Internet Attacks from VeriSign, Inc.

Is it possible that the fraudulent transactions are in fact frauds in themselves. Could it be that hackers have taken over Macedonian IP addresses to focus the blame on Macedonians

Macedonia has very little penetration of computers and the internet and with a population of only 2 million people, it is not reasonable that Macedonia can produce so much "fraudulent transactions". I smell a plot by the Greek security services. I do not think that the Albanian Mafia is capable of producing this amount of fraud.

"Further, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ranked first in the percentage of total fraudulent transactions during the third quarter of 2004. For the fraudulent transaction listing, countries were selected based upon the number of risky transactions that originated from the identified IP addresses from that nation. Transactions deemed risky are based upon review of multiple fraud screen filters, including identification of stolen credit card numbers, comparison of shipping and mailing addresses for discrepancies, as well as other techniques."

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