The Macedonian Tendency: Georgie Anne Geyer on the Kurds

Monday, November 29, 2004

Georgie Anne Geyer on the Kurds

Georgie Anne Geyer is a journalist who has been writing articles along the line of "look how nice the West is" even as "the West" destabilize the very countries it is purporting to help. It takes your breath away sometimes. Here she is writing about the good effect of EU membership in Kurdish rights in Turkey. Fair enough. But .... she never mentions that the Kurds have had their rights violated under the watchful eye of NATO, of which Turkey is a leading member. Anyway, below is my post to her story. Read this first, ten read her story.


"Ms Geyer

Please write a column on how the denial of minority rights of ethnic Kurds in Turkey and ethnic Macedonians in Greece is by definition a "value" of NATO and the EU.

The fact that the EU can say to Turkey, that human rights for Kurds is essential for membership, while at the same time saying that mistreatment of ethnic Macedonians in Greece is OK. Not only that, but the Republic of Macedonia has to change its name, the name of the Macedonian language and the name of the Macedonian Orthodox Church.

If it was Jews, this policy would be called anti-semitism, if it was was Africans, it woould be called racism, if it Native Americans, it would be called "cultural genocide"

Because it is happening in the EU today, Macedonians call it LIFE!

The EU policy in the Balkans has been the most de-stabilizing force since the collapse of the Berlin wall."

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