The Macedonian Tendency: Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia (and Greece?)

Friday, October 08, 2004

Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia (and Greece?)

Speaking the truth about Saudi Arabia

You really don't have to read this article since it does not directly refer to the Macedonian Question. However, it show us the difficulty of trying to Macedonian issues on the US agenda. Saudi Arabia, for years, has denied religious freedom to its minority religions, but the is the first time that it has been called to task by the US State Department report on Religious Freedom(2004). You would think that it would have done so years ago, even in the Clinton Administration.

Terry Eastland is publisher of The Weekly Standard, (a conservative weekly magazine) and he is discussing this issue. I can assure my reader(s) that Terry will not discuss Macedonians in Greece because it is not in the US interest ... at this time.

How to put Macedonia on the agenda is one of the great challenges of our time.

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