The Macedonian Tendency: BBC NEWS | Europe | EU hardens accession conditions

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

BBC NEWS | Europe | EU hardens accession conditions

BBC NEWS Europe EU hardens accession conditions

Because of a deeply anti-Russian, anti-orthodox, anti-slavic, bias of the "west" (read Germany), the EU finds itself on the threshold of admitting a Muslim Turkey which will be the largest country in the EU. Can Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco be far behnd. Europe will be Macedona writ large.

When communism fell in Eastern Europe, I was sure that the EU would offer to immediately include all these countries as "associate members" including Russia. Nato would would be re-named ("The Eurpean Union and Friends"). The US, also still part of the EUF, could withdraw its troops and save a ton of money.

Instead we have Zbigniew Brzezinski having wet dreams about partitioning Russia with US hegemony over Siberia. Brzezinski will regret this position when he ffinds that in a few years, half of Warsaw is Muslim.

A serious debate should be held in Macedonia (with our Serbian and Bulgarian cousins - ya you read it right the first time) about increasing our contacts with Russia. More on how this can be done in a few days.

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