The Macedonian Tendency: Putin's Food Ban ... An opportunity for Macedonia

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Putin's Food Ban ... An opportunity for Macedonia

By David Edenden
Below are  my comments to an article about Putin's food ban.
Putin's ban on EU/US food imports is a great opportunity for Macedonian agriculture, wine and even clothing.
However, the US and EU will put tremendous pressure on Macedonia to comply with EU policy even though Macedonia will be allowed to join the EU ..."when the polar ice caps melt". 
The sanctions on Russia were designed to have a minimal impact on the EU member states. I am sure that no one in the EU gave a second thought to Macedonia's interest.
Gruevski ... stand firm ... stand tall.

"The Kremlin certain in its cynicism, as usual, underestimates the principles of Western leaders and their willingness to make sacrifices for the sake of the idea of ​​European solidarity"

1. He is right. The "principles of Western solidarity" has led the EU to support cultural genocide in the name of solidarity with Greek racist policy against its own ethnic Macedonian minority and the Republic of Macedonia with regard to the "Macedonian Name Farce".
2. The US wants to turn Russia, with regard to foreign policy, into Germany and Japan ,,, countries that mind their own business and give the US a free hand in foreign policy. (By the way, I think this was the best policy for Russia). Just look at the furious reaction of the US chattering classes against France when it impudently dared to criticize Bush's invasion of Iraq ... remember "freedom fries".
3. President Obama's boycott of the Sochi Olympics because of Putin's anti-gay laws ... then shortly after paying a respectful visit to Saudi Arabia, where they hang gays, was not well received in Russia.

4. Putin is playing the long game. His policy is not primarily geared to break the EU sanctions since having an existential threat serves him well. It is import substitution, not only for food, manufactured goods and financial services but also for cultural ideas.
Unanswered questions:
1. What were the sanctions imposed on Russia after the Soviets invasions of Hungary and Czechoslovakia?
2. Why has Putin managed to maintain the support of the Russian chattering classes? Could it be the relentless US/EU/Nato anti-Russian actions with regard to Russian oil and  gas pipelines?
3. Pierre Eliot Trudeau saw "federalism" a THE solution to the modern state as a replacement for the "nation state". Did the US/EU/Nato enthusiasm for "national freedom" for Yugoslav republic put a knife in the heart of the federalist option? (Note: Ukraine vigorously rejected a "federalized Ukraine)


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