The Macedonian Tendency: Pity the NSA analyst that has to read my tweets and email!

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Pity the NSA analyst that has to read my tweets and email!

By David Edenden
My complicated relationship with the CIA
My "Salade Macedoine" Politics
In 2005, I predicted Crimea would be a problem if Kosovo was granted independence
My "Putinism" in 2007. Putin ... you really disappoint me!

  1. Comparing Kosovo + Crimea reminds me old the saying Under Capitalism, we have exploitation of man by man Under Socialism, its the opposite
  2. said we are condemned to choose chose oil, gas by opposing: EU, this is your bed, sleep in it
  3. "us or them" negotiations precipitated crisis stepped in to warn is a crutch EU is useless without own army
  4. It would be helpful if pundits stopped the mendacity about The truth is bad enough.
  5. Explaining, but endorsing. control of is similar to with nuclear weapons. simply will not accept it.
  6. My Prediction circa March 1, 2012 "The Ukraine better start to worry about the Crimea and western Ukraine."

  7. "Bringing Russia in" Amb. to Russia Rodric Braithwaite 1997
    The EU + US worked hard to keep Russia down + out
  8. "South-Eastern Europe's Natural Gas Pipeline Competition"
    Does not excuse Putin's stealing the Crimea, explains it.
  9. On Ukraine/Crimea David Klion ( Anatol Lieven (King's College London, New America Foundation)

  10. : more usually in the Balkans it's "cut off your face to spite your nose"! Not sure that applies to
  11. Prediction: CIA Disinformation The "1000 page report to kill protesters" is likely fake.
    Reuters + The Guardian
  12. We still don't know the full role of US (CIA, Army) in the 2001 conflict in Macedonia.
    US General Tata reveals all!
  13. Gold medal "Why EU/US is waging geo-political/economic war vs Russia"
  14. jails 89 year old Catholic Nun for 3 years for protesting at nuclear plant
    Oh ... sorry ... its was !
  15. Best Article. Why did EU drive a wedge with Russia? To start civil war=Evil
  16. Balkan Insight (CIA) ongoing campaign to subvert Macedonia
  17. Why the EU/Nato is kicking Russia's a**
    Not a question of Putin, but a clash of civilizations!
  18. Putin ... regulation slasher! Friend of Business! Soon to be Forbes "Man of the Year"

  19. It would be great if had a steadfast friend like in our corner rather than like

  20. "Five years later, reflecting on the Russia-Georgia war" Stratfor (Robert Kaplan?)
    Ukraine has dropped its' Nato bid
  21. Transition Online, CIA funded, promoting Bulgarian propaganda re: Kyustendil. No Macedonian response.
    Dare I say plot
  22. See how recruits its' spies: Scholarships for Balkan journalists!
    Get in the game!
  23. Glad you helped solve all of America's problems. Now you can turn your attention to Russia's problems!

  24. Putin: To stay in Russia, Snowden must stop "harming our American partners"
    I love Putin such agreat sense of humor!
  25. as "designated loser" Europe court award for rendition victim Khaled al-Masri
    CIA? Other EU guilty states?

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