The Macedonian Tendency: Twitter Comments on Macedonian Name Farce in the Olympics

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Twitter Comments on Macedonian Name Farce in the Olympics

By David Edenden
Various twitter comments about the name of the Republic of Macedonia recognized as "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" (FYROM) by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).
Most are confused and perplexed. Some good comments referencing "the artist formwrly know as Prince ... good fun!


Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia :| irgaaaa

thank you for calling the country "former republic of Yugoslavia", yeah, its called MACEDONIA 

 the name Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. I don't know if it is the formal name for all purposes, or only for the Olympics.

 i tell dem just Alexander the Great and Macedonia, and its clear . if not i tell ; country next to bulgaria and greece :) no fyrom

 The Greeks were sensitive to a merger between Yugoslav Macedonia and the Greek providence of Macedonia. They insisted on

former yugoslav republic of macedonia (or WHATEVER) have got a well nice flag

  official recognized Olympic name "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" not kidding! 

Wordy sign for Macedonia. Can't they just be 'Macedonia'?

 I dunno, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia made a pretty kickass entrance.

Watching the  is like a history lesson. Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Probably in Macedonia. Or Grenada.

Blimey! "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" ...that's a mouthful.  

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia? ? Why not just Macedonia?

That one dude from Macedonia who was jamming out to "Stayin' Alive" made watching the parade of flags worth it!

Glad I recorded this, I don't really care what macedonia is wearing

My host for my recruiting trip at Wingate University was the flag bearer for Macedonia!!! 

 And sometimes it gets confusing because Macedonia is filed under Former Yugoslav. So it takes tiiiiime.

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Problem?

Macedonia: 2.1 Million population 4 olympic athletes.

What about "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" much of a name! RT “: Im positive they made up at least 5"

Following “The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” is “The Former British Colony of the United States of America.”

the carrier of the flag for Macedonia went to Wingate 

Macedonia only had 4 athletes for the olympics ! Better then none thooo.

 They use the official IOC name, and the IOC is weird. cf. "The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."

Go ! Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia!!!!!

Macedonia is called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia... Why isn't Britain the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland?

Former yugoslav republic of Macedonia is what my friends call me
I am in proud support of my roots, Czech Republic and former Yugoslav Macedonia! Prejit. Bojovat. Vyhrat. 

 lol, it was after seeing the country calling itself the Former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia

MACEDONIA for its red flag with huge yellow sun!

 No, the Greeks are very unhappy about the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia's claim to the name of Macedonia.

Being first generation American and my dad coming from  I have alot of Macedonian pride. Cant miss em with a name like that

 I saw the Former Yugoslavic Republic of Macedonia and thought FYROM!!! 

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia-they can't get that changed?

Least Sexy Country Name: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia  

  Long story about politics, but it used to be called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia...found it on YouTube :)

 yea macedonia didn't even exist it use to be a big country called yugoslavia then it broke up, but it's still just Macedonia

When I saw Macedonia during the ceremony I immediately thought of Role Models

Macedonia wtf it was just Egypt I thought this was alphabetical... NOW IT'S FRANCE WTF 

  Olympic committee consideres them the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia"

? RT  Oh christ, tomorrow we are going to see a measure announced to call ourselves the former confederate state of Virginia

 idk they called it "The Former Yugoslave Republic of Macedonia" like that's the name...

 goodness knows. I gave up. Kinda like Macedonia is "former Yugoslavian republic of macedonia" or some bs. 

 &why are they calling Taiwan, Chinese Taipei? What's up w/ all this renaming of countries?Former Yugoslav Rep of Macedonia for 1

Why can't we recognize countries by their name instead of what they used to be? Macedonia not former Yugoslavia. C'mon IOC!

Shit! Lol - the article I found was wrong RT  They showed them under 'F' you missed Macedonia lady!

 They showed them under 'F' you missed Macedonia lady!

Forced to watch this til the near end cuz Greek politics have my country listed as former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia smh

RT : Macedonia needed way too many lines for their full title.//the only thing they're conquering this side of A.D. is a text box.

 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia- that ish was never in any of my textbooks.

LOLZ  RT  given greece's financial problems, can't macedonia just buy its name now?

That Macedonia competes as "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" sounds like terms of a buyout.

 given greece's financial problems, can't macedonia just buy its name now?”

So how come they didn't say former Yugoslavia for Slovenia just for Macedonia?

Cool that there is a Macedonia again, but putting them under "F" for "Former" doesn't seem quite right. 

I don't know if the "former yugoslavic republic known as macedonia" is a short enough name. Girl with the name on her head is gonna be sore.

RT : given greece's financial problems, can't macedonia just buy its name now?

given greece's financial problems, can't macedonia just buy its name now?

I want to see how they fit "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" on a basketball jersey. 

Just got to see my former teammate carry his nation's flag in the  So proud of Marko!

YAY  thank you  for not saying former yugoslav republic 

Why is Macedonia between Finland and France? I can't stand not having audio at this restaurant cc:  

Seriously, "former"? For Macedonia? Come on IOC

The Olympics are a Greek gift to the world. Greece's obsession with Macedonia's name is a gift I would like to return:

Greetings to the people of Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia from the people of Former Dutch East Indies Republic of Indonesia.

Macedonia. The country of the great Pakistani king Alexander, who conquered all of India on a horse.

Poor Macedonia introduced as 'Former Yugoslav Republic of'. Like calling Britain 'Former Roman Province of Britannia'

: When will Macedonia drop "former" from it's official title? ” > when Greece let them!

I'm getting a history lesson on Macedonia. I think the US should be the Former British Colonies of the United States.

"former yugoslav republic of macedonia" should get a medal just for being saddled with that name

That's a tough national anthem. What rhymes with "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia."

What a strange name by which any nation to be known: The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

FORMER YUGOSLAV REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA: only country in world in which it rains backwards. Main export: indignation

Aaagh, why are we still calling them FYROM? Isn’t ‘Republic of Macedonia’ enough? 

The Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia seriously needs to invest in a cooler name.

 There is a country called the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and it is listed under "F" in the alphabet.

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Why haven't they just become Macedonia?

Would love to sneak some made-up countries into this: Brigadoon. Specsavers, Nanki Poo.

 Just think about  arrange games.  would go into . It will be a very ugly game :)

 there was a fair chunk of British history that was conveniently sidestepped...

Realize that most  countries can`t arrange games, because they can`t agree on the  :)

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  1. It is stupid the play those games with their neighbor country after all those years . What is wrong with their educational system ? What will happened in the future ? Are they will change the name of their capital also ? Perhaps they may change their own name too and make it Greek. What else left for them to do ?