The Macedonian Tendency: Macedonian Soldiers Help US in Iraq

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Macedonian Soldiers Help US in Iraq

I hope the members of the Greek Issues Caucus spend a minute to reflect on the sacrifices Macedonian soldiers are making in Iraq the help soldiers while the Greek government denies basic human rights to Macedonians in Greece.

'This is my final assignment,' says Connellsville soldier - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

"Coughenour said his group continues to work alongside the Macedonian Special Forces in their daily efforts with the Iraqis.

'And let me be the one to say these soldiers from Macedonia are truly the greatest thing that has happened to us in Iraq,' he said, adding that he couldn't imagine or speculate how the tour would have been without them.

Coughenour is scheduled to end his deployment within a month. He expects to return to Fort Lee in March and will return to his previous job as a training developer until the fall. He then plans to take transitional leave until his retirement in January 2008."

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