The Macedonian Tendency: I 'm Sorry for Doubting Nacolec

Friday, October 06, 2006

I 'm Sorry for Doubting Nacolec

In response to a posting on by Samovilla at Alt.News.Macedonia, I totally apologise. I now agree with you that the headline was not bombastic, but instead a uncannily accurate reporting of the length and breadth of the canals in in Nacolec. I'm sure that Dolno Dupeni (the hole below) is a very fine place, notwithstanding its name. However, in the spirit of Macedonian unity, we can all agree to make fun of Podmochani even though it will totally "piss" them off. I was going to make fun of Smrdesh, but I did not want to have Slavko Mangovski create a big stink about it. Has anyone ever admitted to being born in Podmochani?

"Another similar incident occurred with the editor and rights activist Slavko Mangovski, the son of a political refugee who was born in the Macedonian village Smrdesh or Kristalopigi in Northern Greece. Slavko Mangovski is editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine Makedonsko Sonce, published in Skopje, and is also known for his defence of the rights of Macedonian minorities in the Balkans. On 28 August, 2000 he attempted an entry at the border crossing of Negochani or Niki in order to visit a festival in a Macedonian village. After the routine computer check, he was advised to wait and after approximately 10 minutes was summoned to the office of what appeared to be the chief of the police and given a Notification Certificate for the Refusal of Entry specifying "other reasons" as grounds for the refusal. At the same time a crossed stamp was placed in his U.S. passport, apparently in order to alert border authorities that he is effectively banned from ever entering Greece."
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