The Macedonian Tendency: Rachel's European Adventure

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rachel's European Adventure

Nice travel blog about Rachel visiting friends in Macedonia. Good pictures.

Rachel's European Adventure

Lake Ohrid... the most beautiful place in the world...

So, today, aftera about one hour of sleep, me and Sneska grogily forced ourselves to get out of bed... A friend of her dad's was driving us to Lake Ohrid, but we had to leave at 5:30am. We loaded our stuff in the car, me expecting to fall back asleep on the way. But the whole drive there was absolutely beautiful... Mountains and small villages on the sides of the mountains... old churches and mosques everywhere you look... After about three hours we arrived in Ohrid. It is a beautiful place as well, with cobblestone streets, gorgeous architecture, and a lake surrounded by rolling mountain hills... People rent out rooms in their homes during the tourist season, so we got a really nice room with a family near the lake. My favorite part is that we have a balcony that we can sit on and see for miles... from the lake to the castle on top of the mountain to the tile rooftops of this district to the gorgeous flower garden (roses, fountains, walkways, basically the works) that is in the front yard of this picturesque home.

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